Self portrait from the fridge

Self portrait from inside the fridge



After a lot of different works in my very youth and 10 years of skydiving, a few years with a videocamera on my head, climbing and more i decided to move further north from Gothenburg and the westcoast in Sweden.


My eyes have always enjoyed the looks of beautiful things and details around me and soon i had a still camera in my hand, photographing as much as i could. Suddenly i got the chance to sell some images.


In year 2000 I realized that i could make a living out of this, at least partly. I decided to give it a try. The best thing ever.


Now, after a decade of commercial photograpy i also learned that my heart have one huge room for the endless beauty of the nature on planet Earth. Beside all this, I have had the privilege and pleasure to spend some years in the beautiful northern Norway and been around taking photographs everywhere I could find the magic lights. I have also been guiding Killerwhale safaris in Tysfjord, worked as a skipper on large zodiacs, guiding tourists from around the planet on nature safari’s in the fantastic archipelago of the Lofoten with Henningsvear in Lofoten as the base. This have shaped the last years of my photography.


Hope you will like what you see in the galleries. Greetings to all the great people that have supported and believed in me and greetings to all the great people and friends I have met during the years.


Enjoy life //Stefan