Sometimes i wonder

Sometimes I wonder…

..if the homo sapiens (Latin: the wise man) are the only species that have not been able to foresee where our quite recently chosen path will take planet earth and its inhabitants in the future. What if all our dear animal friends already saw this a long time ago and simply decided to use their creativity to instead develop perfection in other ways then we have started to do the last period of time? For instance to be able to dive a thousand meters below the surface of the sea or fly like a bird without constructed instruments. I can see beauty in our modern tech world, our creativity I am a part of,  although, for me, the path is not that crispy as before.

The movie HOME is a fantastic movie made by a fantastic crew and it is free to watch on youtube.  I will recommend everyone I meet to watch it. I think it is a movie we all need to see.

Link to the movie HOME
Link to the projects website: WWW.HOMETHEMOVIE.ORG

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